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Not Just a Networking Group

Connected Leaders Academy is Elevating Entrepreneurs for Success

  • Learn from Global Experts: The world of entrepreneurship is vast, but we bring you closer to the wisdom of global experts. From diverse fields and industries, these thought leaders provide valuable insights to drive your growth.

  • Growing Archive of Video Content: Unlock a treasure trove of videos designed to guide you through the challenges of scaling your business. With new content added regularly, you're always one step ahead.

  • One-on-One Coaching with Jose Escobar: Connect with the founder, Jose Escobar, for tailor-made strategies and solutions to your entrepreneurial challenges.

Meet Jose Escobar

Jose Escobar is an award-winning, nationally recognized personal development speaker, 8x published author, a sales professional, a dedicated husband, and a proud father of five. He leads compelling high-level communities consisting of entrepreneurs and advanced leaders through two multi-six-figure business models that have now surpassed 7-figures: The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf and the Connected Leaders Academy.

Jose’s magnetic personality shines in his presentations, where he has reached audiences collectively over 29 million and radiates throughout his dynamic coaching programs, inspiring his international 350+ entrepreneur and executive clientele to master their personal and professional excellence.

His past sales experience led him to amass over $30 million in revenue for the companies he served, and this family man's sales and coaching in the martial arts industry has positively affected the lives of over 500,000 families for the better.

Why Connected Leaders Academy

Scale Your Influence

  • Be an Authority: You'll gain the tools and confidence to establish yourself as an authority in your field.
  • Your Network: Surround yourself with champions who believe in your vision and actively promote and endorse you.
  • Amplify Your Voice: Opportunities to be a guest on podcasts and more speaking engagements.
  • Step into the spotlight: Share your brand story and let the community understand your unique offerings and who you truly serve.

Move the Needle. More Revenue

  • Generate More: Expect a surge in leads, referrals, endorsements, and collaborations.
  • Boost Your Bottom Line: More revenue isn't just about profit. It's about growing a resilient business that stands the test of time.
  • Collaborate with the Best: Find your ideal referral partners within a community of driven and like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • A Wealth of Connections: Dive into a network that continuously provides a consistent flow of promising leads.

Unleash Your Potential

Step 1: Visualize & Dive into Discovery

Imagine the success and transformation waiting for you. Begin your journey by immersively exploring our platform, feeling the pulse of resources, and visualizing the myriad of opportunities tailored just for you.

Step 2: Personalize Your Unique Pathway

Feel the resonance with your entrepreneurial spirit. Every path at the Connected Leaders Academy is unique, just like you. Design your journey, set compelling goals, and choose resources that resonate with your deepest desires.

Step 3: Engage, Connect & Elevate

The Connected Leaders Academy isn’t just about connecting; it's about belonging. As you attend our engaging virtual coffees and breakout sessions, you'll sense an organic bond forming, creating alliances with visionaries who understand and support your vision.

Step 4: Empower & Transform Your Skillset

Dive deep into a knowledge oasis. From marketing magic to finance finesse, immerse yourself in transformative modules. As you learn, you'll experience an awakening, empowering you to integrate these game-changing insights into your business instantly.

Step 5: Amplify Your Influence & Feel the Spotlight

Step into a realm where you are the authority. Visualize yourself being recognized on podcasts and events, and then experience that spotlight with our unique platforms like the Shark Tank Style Hot-Seats.

Step 6: Continuous Growth & Rejuvenating Feedback

Your evolution is a sensory journey. Consistently touch upon your progress, feel the constructive feedback, and align yourself towards an ever-brightening future. Every challenge is an opportunity you'll embrace.

Step 7: Celebrate, Collaborate & Savor Success

Taste the sweetness of success. Share your triumphs with a community that cherishes your journey. Remember, at the Connected Leaders Academy, you're not just a member; you're at the heart of a transformative movement.

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